Imagine the ability to see, in real-time, the resources available across a region, no matter how large an area you manage. Now imagine you could match a patient from anywhere in that region, with the right care, confident that you were providing the best option possible.

We worked with a provincial health system to combine two extensive customer environments, effectively combining two lists of patients and services that were entirely independent and maintained separately for over 15 years.

Before the merge, transition teams in both health jurisdictions were coordinating manually and double-tracking in their respective solutions when patients transitioned between them. Merging the environments automated this access for 400,000 patients, elevating care transitions across the province.

Our vision was a seamless combination of two large sets of data to better allow patients to access resources across the
entire province. We saw a future where patients would benefit from streamlined access to all possible resources in their home province, ensuring better care and increased patient safety.

Streamlining how patients move through their healthcare journey can lower both technical and business overhead, allowing teams to manage patients more efficiently.


  • Seamless merge of two environments
  • Reduction of IT administrative overhead
  • Easy movement of patients within the system
  • Foundation for provincial harmonization
  • Equal access to care across the province
  • Increased patient safety

We’ll help you create a vision for transitions of care no matter how many patients you serve, before creating a plan for
integration and seamless implementation. Regardless of size or challenges, you’ll have our full support.

Governments change. Policies are written and legislation is passed. Health regions get redesigned. The future can be
unpredictable. Strata Health will be with you along the way, helping to solve today’s problems, while meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Two large urban health jurisdictions originally relied on separate hospital information systems, operating independently when it came to placing patients in the correct care. As they moved towards a single shared HIS, the case for a single transition system and process also became stronger.

Creating a system where patients can easily be transitioned to the appropriate care, regardless of their location in the province, lifts the standard of care for all. With Strata Health, these two large customer environments were merged, ensuring patients across the province equal access to healthcare resources.

They said it couldn’t be done…
We were challenged to do our best work on a massive scale, merging 15 years of patient data, and were pleased to be able to bring this project to successful completion.

We made it possible for 400,000 patients to benefit from equal access to all possible care options.