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Improve Patient Flow, Reduce Costs, and Fix a Disconnected System

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With lingering inefficiencies, growing pressures, and limited capacity to meet the demands for care, health systems need better tools to smooth the flow of patients across all settings. Strata PathWaysTM automates referral workflows, bridges communication gaps, and improves patient transitions across health care, including long-term care, mental health, social services, and more.

Strata PathWays™

Using Strata PathWays, healthcare providers and administrative members can begin to break down silos with a proven digital system for coordinating referrals and transfers of care across any sector and setting. When a patient is ready to be transitioned to the next best level of care, providers and staff can easily sort, filter, and automatically match patients to providers based on their specialized care needs and preferences. The platform provides information that helps inform better decisions, including wait times and referral appropriateness. Once the referral has been sent, care providers can collaborate through an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all communication, tracking, and oversight of the activities, tasks, and steps in the referral process in real time.

We consider our customers partners. This partnership was our founding strategy and continues as each new customer is onboarded, bringing their unique perspectives and backgrounds. Strata Health’s Solution Delivery team works throughout the implementation with customer stakeholders, providing design and configuration services of Strata PathWays.
Post-implementation, we offer ongoing configuration services as part of our Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Strata Health’s Client Experience team works closely with all customers to ensure continued success and support continuous process and feature-related improvement activities.  

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