Alternative Level of Care (ALC)

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The Problem

ALC patients contribute to hospital overcrowding, high costs, and poor outcomes.

Common Alternative Level of Care Problems

  • Finding the most appropriate discharge destination for patients
  • Making informed referral decisions
  • Effectively communicating with caregivers and care providers
  • Overcoming administrative burdens and repetitive processes

Our Solution

Improve patient flow and reduce the number of hospital beds occupied by patients who are waiting to receive health care elsewhere with Strata Health’s integrated transitions of care software.

Our platform uses real-time data to match your patient’s health information to the best post-acute care available in their geographical area, which results in improved patient transitions.

Our robust solution serves as a one-stop shop to manage the complete transition of care process in just a few clicks.

  • Open Strata Health from the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Match the patient to appropriate and available care options
  • Send and track referrals digitally
  • Transition the patient with automated processes

Strata Health helps health care workers:

  • Streamline inefficient manual processes
  • Inform better decisions
  • Ensure quality transitions of care
  • Promote greater accountability
  • Improve workflows and outcomes
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