Transitions of Care

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The Problem

Ineffective discharge planning and poor transitions of care are key safety and quality issues for patients.
Poor patient transitions that stem from ill-informed discharge planning, result in patient safety and quality of care issues.

Common Problems

  • Inability to manage transitions safely, effectively, and efficiently
  • Quality and timeliness of discharge processes
  • Discharge documentation
  • Timely patient follow-ups
  • Avoidable delays

Our Solution

Strata Health improves patient transitions

Strata Health’s desktop and tablet platforms allow healthcare providers to match their patients to the best post-acute care providers at the right time, which results in improved patient transitions.

Case Management at work

Strata Health helps case managers:

  • Streamline inefficient manual processes
  • Inform better decisions
  • Ensure quality transitions of care
  • Promote greater accountability
  • Improve workflows and outcomes
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