What Are Poor Patient Transitions Costing You?

How much are poor patient transitions costing your healthcare organization? Inadequate referral management wastes time and causes frustration, leading to poor health outcomes and patients vulnerable to hospital admissions.

Without a Patient Management Platform

Without a patient management platform, such as Strata Health, your healthcare organization will continue to struggle with patient flow and transitions of care, which can negatively affect your reputation and bottom line.

Improve Transitions by Automating Patient Flow

Strata Health's software streamlines patient referrals and transitions of care processes. By automating repetitive tasks and matching patients to the best available care, healthcare providers can place and transition patients faster while improving the quality of communication and information being sent across care settings. Our software transforms cumbersome and outdated referral processes into an easy-to-use digital platform designed to automate patient flow.


  • Management of Referral, Triage, Waitlist and Assessment
  • Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support
  • Transitions of Care and Patient Flow


  • Readmissions
  • Siloed Systems
  • Delays and Length of Stay
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What People Are Staying About Strata Health

At HonorHealth, one of our biggest priorities is safe care transitions to ensure the best patient outcomes. We place high value on workflows and tools that can help us facilitate safe transitions and reduce unplanned readmissions. The Strata application has helped us to match patient needs with the best available resources. It has helped us to facilitate optimal and timely communication with post-acute providers. Additionally, the platform integrates with our patient-facing tool so that all parties are working from the same information and data set.

The referral pathway that we have developed has the potential to serve as a model for how referrals can be better managed in our mental health care system. Many mental health teams use a range of paper, fax, email, phone, and other methods to receive referrals, but do not have an efficient way of keeping track of these referrals. Clinicians often lack information to determine what would be the next best step. A robust referral platform that allows for self-referral as well as third-party referral has the potential to be a game-changer for optimizing referral practices in the mental health care system.

From start to finish, Strata Health’s technology automates patient referrals across the continuum of care from acute care to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and community referrals and provides an opportunity to expand into other referral areas, such as stroke prevention and community reintegration.

A need for the creation of a centralized Long Term Ventilator (LTV) care unit arose, as an organized and transparent approach to the management of the LTV patient movement. Strata and the UHN Connected Care team met all of our needs and were able to quickly make changes. I was impressed with the team’s attentiveness and understanding of the urgency for the automated management. This project was implemented with ease thanks to Strata and the UHN Connected Care team.

We’re proud to better serve those who serve Ontarians every day. Our police personnel often manage high stress, crisis situations and we need to support their wellness through fast, effective programming. Strata Health’s technology is a bold step towards enhanced care

Strata Health’s best in industry resource matching technology paired with OPA’s network of clinicians make our partnership a clear win for the OPPA and its members

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The Problem

Healthcare providers struggle to connect their patients to the best care available due to communication barriers between hospitals and other health care settings. Siloed patient management systems often produce communications errors that reduce choice and result in readmissions and poor health outcomes.

The best care at the right time

The Solution

Strata Health's software platform uses real-time data to match your patient's health information to the best care available in their geographical area. In addition, our platform helps automate the referral process for care providers, reduces readmissions, and removes siloed systems, all to improve transitions of care across any setting.