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Integration and automation make Strata Health's platform a powerful tool for patients and providers to navigate through complex health systems. Our electronic referral management solution helps patients receive referrals to services, and clinicians navigate and refer to appropriate care for specific needs.

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Example Scenario

Hailey has been struggling post-COVID with her anxiety and is unsure where she can get help. Finally, she finds a webpage on her local health authority’s website where she can enter a few details about her current challenges before being referred to an intake for local programs. Hailey decides to fill out the form and send the referral off.

The local central intake receives Hailey’s referral. The solution automatically text’s Hailey’s phone, letting her know she will hear from someone within 24 hours. Next, the intake worker calls Hailey to gather additional details on her needs. Then, the solution recommends three services that would be appropriate for Hailey. Finally, the intake worker asks Hailey which services she’d like to try and sends the referral while on the phone with Hailey.

The services receive the referral, and Hailey gets a notification by text or email that the referral has been received. The service can then accept the referral and contact Hailey to schedule the first appointment.


Hailey found the help she needed and knew the status of all her referrals. The local intake received the referral electronically while offering navigational support to ensure the referral program(s) could support her needs.

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