Strata Health: High volume patient referrals within a complex existing system

Strata Health worked with a health region to automate referrals from general practitioners into a regional central intake. We created a solution that allows general practitioners to refer high volumes of patients to a single point of access responsible for brokering appointments with a full spectrum of specialists within the region.


  • Appointments within clinically appropriate wait times
  • Consistent communications and a single point of contact
  • Choice of specialist respected
  • Support in navigating their care path
  • Improved healthcare experience

We were able to connect to the provincial primary care integration engine using HL7 FHIR, reducing the administrative burden in improving patient flow throughout the province.

Our solution allowed clinicians to triage and process requests through to scheduled appointments, within mandated clinical delays, matching specialty and sub-specialty, all while respecting patient choice and logistical considerations (e.g., distance to the clinic).


Patient flow through complex transitions of care can take enormous amounts of time and manual effort. Strata Health offers innovative solutions with powerful capabilities to handle complex systems. The more complex your system, the more you need a solution that makes it easy and straightforward to manage.


• Standardize transitions across the complex specialty pathways

• Optimize patient experience

• Standardize communications

• Reduce ambiguity in patient referrals and process

• Match patients to clinically appropriate specialists

• Reduce patient risk

• Meet mandates for clinical delay

• Fill allotted specialist appointment time blocks

• Reduce administrative burden

Strata Health offers solutions to help clinicians navigate patients to the most appropriate resources within complex systems. Deep integration means we can work with existing systems and help you meet mandated levels of care.


  • 11,000 referrals managed per month
  • 150k per year and growing
  • 4,500+ referring doctors
  • 2,500+ specialists

When managing a high volume of referrals, efficiency matters. A centralized system helps you meet acceptable clinical delays and process a large number of transactions. Strata Health can work with you no matter how complex your system, or how high your volume.

We worked to smoothly integrate with existing systems in support of mandated processing times, ensuring we had created seamless patient flow. We rolled out the specialties in waves, ensuring a successful implementation of the nearly 30 specialties.


Strata Health is the leading provider of intelligent digital tools for resource allocation and patient transitions. No matter how complex your healthcare systems, we’ll work with you to create a solution to fit your needs.

We’ll help create smooth, seamless referral systems that help you coordinate the care your patients deserve. Our innovative solutions will help you with a plan for continuous improvement and preparation for future evolution.