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Manually managing patient waitlists is inefficient and requires significant human resources. Strata Health unlocks the power of automation, enabling health authorities or programs to track, manage, and triage patient referrals digitally from a virtual queue. Our intelligent matching algorithms set Strata Health apart, ensuring that when resources become available, they are automatically matched to the most appropriate patients, taking note of clinical urgency and individual wait times. Strata Health's transitions of care software is the best way to manage patient waitlists while streamlining transitions of care workflows.

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Example Scenario

Hailey works at the placement office responsible for assisted living facilities. At present, approximately 50 people are waiting for each assisted living facility.The placement policy states that waitlists should be prioritized first by urgency, and then by wait time. They have an algorithm for urgency that accounts for compassionate placement and those unsafe in the community. Hailey regularly gets calls from clients/families on the waitlist and her executive team with questions about the waitlist.

With Strata Waitlist Management, Hailey can view the waitlist as either a pooled waitlist or by a specific facility, as choice is an essential factor in client placement. She can easily see where a given client is on the waitlist by sorting by priority to provide information to clients and families. Hailey can easily pull that information if needed to provide information to her executive team on wait times by clinical population or geography. When a vacancy becomes available, she can quickly see who the next appropriate client will be to begin the placement process.


Case Management at work

Hailey can quickly and efficiently sort and manage the waitlist to ensure all stakeholders have the correct information. In addition, the solution provides tools to ensure all the client information is complete and triage occurs by adding the client to the list.

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