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The Problem

Patient readmissions consume significant resources and can be a serious threat to health systems, often resulting in poor patient outcomes.

Common Readmissions Problem

  • Inadequate transitions of care
  • Inappropriate or incomplete referrals
  • Lack of timely follow-up care
  • Identifying which providers are appropriate and available

Our Solution

Readmissions caused by poor transitions of care consume significant resources and are dangerous for patients. Strata Health’s software standardizes, automates and streamlines processes, communication and information sharing for better outcomes.

Match your patients to appropriate care

Strata Health’s software platform uses real-time data to match your patient’s health information to the best care available in their geographical area.

Strata Health helps care providers:

  • Provide real-time transparency into provider options
  • Automatically match patients to appropriate and available care
  • Complete more referrals to more appropriate settings
  • Track and follow-up on transitions
  • Prevent avoidable readmissions
  • Improve outcomes
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