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Automate Workflows, Reduce Wait Times, and Improve Access to Care

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Inappropriate patient referrals increase waitlists, double booking, missed appointments, and inefficiencies. Central access and triage service providers use Strata PathWays™ to standardize and automate patient referrals and placements to long-term care, mental health services, specialists, and more.

Strata PathWays™

Using Strata PathWays’s single, standardized form, health care providers can route patient referrals and information to a proven, digital system that will organize all referrals within a centralized database. The system will automatically assess patient risk, allocate priority, match patients to available providers, validate referral appropriateness, and broker appointments to ensure patients who need care urgently are seen first. Care providers can collaborate through an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all communication, tracking, and oversight of the activities, tasks, and steps in the referral process in real time.

Case Management at work

Central Access Partnerships with Strata Health

6 Canadian health systems rely on Strata Health to improve transitions of care through a central access.

  1. Ontario Psychological Association
  2. Alberta Health Services – Long Term Care Placement
  3. Fraser Health Authority – Long Term Care Placement

We consider our customers partners. This partnership was our founding strategy and continues as each new customer is onboarded, bringing their unique perspectives and backgrounds. Strata Health’s Solution Delivery team works throughout the implementation with customer stakeholders, providing design and configuration services of Strata PathWays.
Post-implementation, we offer ongoing configuration services as part of our Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Strata Health’s Client Experience team works closely with all customers to ensure continued success and support continuous process and feature-related improvement activities.  

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