Strata Health is pleased to announce the launch of a REST based application-programming interface (API) along with the landmark 7.1 version of our award-winning Strata PathWays™ software. This API will allow Strata Health to leverage the existing proprietary resource matching and eReferral logic to deliver content to a variety of unique platforms. In addition to the traditional ways of using Strata PathWays™, our customers will also be able access the solution using:

  • iPad or Android tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Portal platforms and clinical viewers
  • Electronic White Boards in hospital units
  • Patient facing applications such as HealthVault

Traditionally, clinicians have accessed Strata PathWays™ using a web browser on a workstation or laptop. As health systems continue to explore point of care technologies to optimize clinician workflow and workload, the requirement for any device to consume Strata PathWays™ data has become more urgent.

One of the first tools created leveraging this API is an assessment application developed for the Apple iPad. This application is an extension of a proof of concept created last year, and allows for the completion of an eReferral assessment on this mobile platform.



“This represents another tangible clinician-focused outcome from our ongoing investment in our Strategic Development Roadmap.” commented Darren Jones, Chief Operating Officer. “The combination of new device form factors with our API truly allows us to evolve the delivery of Strata PathWays™ in so many novel and exciting ways for our users. This is just the beginning.”

“Our users will benefit from this technology indirectly as well,” continued Jones. “Our new API gives us and our clinical partners the ability to easily integrate with low overhead at both ends, which means less time spent retyping the same information and less time spent fixing clerical errors.”

To speak to Strata Health about leveraging Strata PathWays™ to further promote your organization’s mHealth initiatives, or to find out more about Strata PathWays™, please contact us.

About Strata Health:

Strata Health leverages technology to achieve dramatic patient flow improvement within health systems. Our clients say they’ve entrusted us with the job of creating patient flow solutions that achieve real and dramatic benefits for patients, their families and the world’s devoted front line caregivers. Operational in Canada and the UK, Strata Health is a privately – held Canadian corporation. It is comprised of professionals with empathy for those who need care and intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others.

Strata PathWays™ is a cloud-based, real-time resource matching and eReferral system improving patient experience and system access across the care continuum. Connected to care providers in the community, it provides front line clinicians and Primary Care physicians with real-time tools to flow appropriate referring patients from hospital or community to available bed and program openings. The eReferral system radically reduces the time patients occupy acute care beds after they have been assessed for discharge into alternative care programs – now including Surgical Specialists, Mental Health & Addictions, Rehabilitation/Sub-Acute, Home Care, Continuing Care Centers, Assisted Living, Palliative, Physiotherapy, Community Support and Adult Day Programs.

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