Avoidable Length of Stays

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The Problem

Inefficient and uniformed transitions of care from acute to post-acute settings can often lead to delays and an extended length of stay. Discharge delays can be the result of patient’s inability to find providers that can meet their unique needs as well as patient and family indecision. Adding to the issue, trying to send patients to providers unable to meet their needs, delays occur as they are attempting to review the information to make a determination.

Common Problems

  • Ineffective discharge planning
  • Delayed transfers of care
  • Patient/Family Indecision
  • Prolonged length of stay
  • Patient care delays

Our Solution

Match your patients to appropriate care. Strata Health’s software platform uses real-time data to match your patient’s health information to the best post-acute care available in their geographical area.

Strata Health helps case managers:

  • Simplify discharge planning
  • Ensure proper patient placement
  • Support safe discharge
  • Decrease length of stay (LOS)
  • Free up hospital beds sooner
  • Streamline communications and workflows
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