On May 10, 2023, Strata Health U.S. hosted a highly anticipated webinar in collaboration with the American Case Management Association (ACMA). The webinar titled “Patient Choice, Transitions of Care and the end of the COVID-19 PHE Waivers” provided case managers with valuable insights into the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations and their impact on discharge planning and transitions of care practices. 

As the Public Health Emergency (PHE) came to an end on May 11, and many waivers expired, the webinar aimed to help case managers prepare to return to pre-PHE practices. The 60-minute session featured Marmmett Horton, MSW, ACM-SW, CMAC, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Strata Health U.S., as the knowledgeable presenter. 

Webinar Highlights

The webinar delved into several key topics, beginning with an overview of the history, current state, and expected re-enactment of CMS-33-17-F, a CMS-issued rule, and the associated Conditions of Participation (CoPs). Case managers learned about the CMS regulations that directly affect transitions to post-acute care, including Patient Choice and documentation requirements. Attendees gained valuable insights into tools for documenting adherence to CMS regulations and ensuring compliance with evolving standards. 

Additionally, the webinar shed light on the increasing emphasis on patient engagement in the transitions of care process. Case managers discovered the impact of patient engagement on outcomes and hospital-monitored metrics such as re-admissions, avoidable delays, and length of stay. 

With 1,113 registrants, the webinar proved to be a valuable resource for case managers seeking to navigate the complex post-PHE healthcare landscape. Attendees left the session equipped with practical knowledge, strategies, and insights to enhance their discharge planning practices and optimize patient care. 

For those who may have missed the webinar or want to revisit the content, a recording is available for ACMA members in the Education Center. To login, visit

Free eBook: CMS Conditions of Participation for Discharge Planning

To further support the learning process, Strata Health offered a free eBook titled “CMS Conditions of Participation for Discharge Planning.” This eBook provides additional in-depth information on the topic and can be downloaded from Strata Health’s website at

Ready to take your compliance program to the next level? 

As the healthcare industry continues to adapt to changing regulations, Strata Health U.S. remains committed to empowering case managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care during transitions of care. Contact Strata Health today to learn how our Transition of Care Solution can help you automate compliance tasks, reduce the risk of errors, and avoid costly penalties.  

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