What Are Poor Transitions of Care Really Costing You?

Poor communication, incomplete transfer of information, limited access to services across the care continuum, and the absence of a single point of entry all contribute to health system inefficiencies and unnecessary waste.

Major Costs to Your ICS

Without a patient management platform, such as Strata Health, your health system will continue to struggle with transitions of care, which can negatively affect patient flow and outcomes.

Improve Transitions by Automating Your Process

Strata Health's software streamlines patient referrals and transitions of care processes. By automating repetitive tasks and matching patients to the best available care, healthcare providers can place and transition patients faster while improving the quality of communication and information being sent across care settings. Our software transforms cumbersome and outdated referral processes into an easy-to-use digital platform designed to automate patient flow.


  • Management of Referral, Triage, Waitlist and Assessment
  • Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support
  • Transitions of Care and Patient Flow


  • Readmissions
  • Siloed Systems
  • Delays and Length of Stay
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What People Are Saying About Strata Health

Imagine the spine in our bodies, connecting all parts and allowing us to function effectively, safely and with confidence!! Strata is the digital spine that links and integrates systems and health and social care services to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Single Point of Discharge enables Social Care and NHS colleagues to work in partnership to streamline referral management processes, reduce delays associated with multiple handovers and support a more efficient service for patients.

The SCI Store integration provides our clinicians and social workers with seamless access to a central source of demographic data for patients and clients. It means our front line staff are spending less time re-keying information from paper records or other systems, which reduces the risk of errors when this data is copied. Ultimately, this means our front line staff spend less time on administrative tasks and more time face-to-face with their patients and clients.

Following the introduction of Strata into the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, it has enabled us to work collaboratively between health and local authority. We have merged both the rehabilitation coordinators and the hospital discharge team, facilitating safer discharge of patients to their ongoing destination. The Strata process has worked ideally in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, as it has allowed us to work remotely using a system that is simple and effective to complete. The Strata team has really helped.

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Strata Health looks forward to helping your health system improve all aspects of its transitions of care.

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The Problem

Healthcare providers struggle to connect their patients to the best care available due to communication barriers between hospitals and other health care settings. Siloed patient management systems often produce communications errors that reduce choice and result in readmissions and poor health outcomes.


The Solution

Strata Health's software platform uses real-time data to match your patient's health information to the best care available in their geographical area. In addition, our platform helps automate the referral process for care providers, reduces readmissions, and removes siloed systems, all to improve transitions of care across any setting.