The recent nationwide discontinuation of Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI) has sent ripples across NHS referral and appointment systems, impacting services provided via the 111 telephone and online platforms. This disruption presents a significant challenge to the seamless operations of NHS Emergency Departments.  Especially during a time when resources are stretched and NHS England is calling for trusts and ICS’s to focus on productivity. 

At Strata Health, we recognise the critical need for a resilient, integrated solution to navigate this transition effectively. Collaborating closely with NHS England, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, and University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, we have prepared diligently for the decommissioning of EDDI. 

Understanding Your Landscape 

Navigating this transition requires a comprehensive understanding of your Emergency Department’s landscape and associated services. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you familiar with your current EDDI usage and volumes? 
  • Do you have insights into all your referral sources? 
  • Are you aware of all connected systems and the technologies they employ? 
  • Do you thoroughly understand all referral workflows and processes? 

Facilitating a Smooth Transition with Strata Health 

Drawing from our extensive experience in providing digital solutions to NHS Trusts, we stand ready to assist in the transition and implementation of an alternative digital solution post-EDDI. Here’s what Strata Health brings to the table: 

Benefits of Our Service 

  • Guidance compliant with the 111 → ED referral process, including 111 Online. 
  • Experience in implementing the BaRS standard and understanding local impacts. 
  • End-to-end knowledge for: 
    • 111 → ED appointment scheduling. 
    • 111 Online → ED appointment scheduling. 
    • ED Streamer → ED appointment scheduling. 
  • Expertise in workflow digitisation and automated routing. 
  • A fixed-cost model with a predetermined project completion timeline. 

Expected Outcomes 

Our partnership aims to achieve specific outcomes, including: 

  • Identification of services and systems requiring attention. 
  • Recommendations and a detailed plan for change and implementation. 

Contact Strata Health

Transitioning beyond the discontinuation of EDDI demands meticulous planning and execution. Strata Health’s expertise and targeted solutions aim to facilitate a seamless shift, ensuring the continued efficiency of NHS Emergency Departments in the face of this significant change. Get in touch to explore how we can support your organisation through this transition and beyond. 

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