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Strata Search is the most curated post-acute provider list wrapped up in a powerful bedside tool. It increases patient engagement with their provider options. This leads to better outcomes for the patient and reduces readmissions, all while supporting compliance with CMS Conditions of Participation.

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Example Scenario

Hailey’s knee replacement surgery requires additional treatment from a post-acute care provider. Since Hailey will have difficulty with her mobility, walking specifically, she has decided to recover at her daughter’s home, which is 200 miles away. Hailey’s daughter will help with her mobility issues until she can walk on her own.

Hailey’s Case Manager guides her through Strata Health’s Search tool right from her bedside on a tablet. Hailey informs her Case Manager of the area where her daughter lives, and together they search for a post-acute care provider near the daughter’s home.

Hailey is able to review quality data and other information about the providers in order to make the best decision for her post-acute care. With the iPad in hand, Hailey and her Case Manager select post-acute care providers based on distance from her daughter’s home, experience with knee replacement recovery, testimonials, insurance coverage, and more.


Once the top post-acute care providers have been selected by Hailey on the bedside tool, her Case Manager triggers the clinical package to be sent to all selected providers for review.

This patient engagement is facilitated by the Strata Search curated list, which can quickly filter Hailey’s options by many preferences and/or a hospital-defined custom list of providers.

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