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Case Management at work

Strata Health’s transitions of care management software is a powerful tool for hospitals. Our powerful recommendation engine, Strata Health automatically matches patients to the best care post-acute care options using quality data to drive better outcomes. Case managers use Strata Health to engage patients in their post-acute care decisions, document choice, and to send and manage referrals electronically—providing a total solution for workflow automation, care coordination, and discharge planning.

Strata Health Improves:

  • Transitions of Care
  • Patient Choice
  • Provider Network Management

Strata Health Reduces:

  • Readmissions
  • Siloed Systems
  • Avoidable Delays and Length of Stay

Strata Health’s transitions of care management software not only improves treatment outcomes but our Best-Fit rating system of post-acute care providers helps case managers and patients find the provider best suited to the unique needs of each patient.

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