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The Problem

Inefficient care strategies put an extra burden on healthcare providers hindering effective care, which results in extra costs and poor patient outcomes.

We manage the lists so you don’t have to. Filterable list to identify the providers that meet your patients’ unique needs.

Common Problems

  • Capturing, storing, and retrieving provider data
  • Ensuring provider directories are accurate, complete, and updated
  • Accessing provider quality measures
  • Institutional silos
  • Legacy systems
  • Manual processes

Our Solution

Strata Health automates network management with real-time, complete information. Our integrated software allows critical communication and information to flow freely between acute and post-acute facilities.

Match your patients to appropriate care!

Strata Health’s desktop and tablet platform allows healthcare providers to match their patients to the best post-acute care providers at the right time. This results in effective network management and improved patient outcomes.

Strata Health helps case managers:

  • Automatically build high-quality post-acute networks
  • Streamline communication and coordination between providers
  • Easily review important insights and provider outcomes
  • Meet patient needs
  • Strengthen care coordination
  • Improve outcomes
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