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The Problem

Unplanned readmissions consume significant resources and cause serious financial penalties for hospitals, which often results in poor patient outcomes.

Common Readmissions Problem

  • Communication breakdowns between hospital and post-acute providers
  • Inadequate discharge planning
  • Not identifying which providers are appropriate and available
  • Not providing patients with comprehensive list of post-acute option
  • Poor patient/family engagement

Our Solution

Strata Health’s software platform uses real-time data to match your patient’s health information to the best post-acute care available in their geographical area. We provide more transparency to the patient as to where their care will be provided. We standardize clinical information shared with the next level of care. Our Best Fit shows patients where they are likely to have better outcomes for their specific needs.

Strata Health helps case managers:

  • Provide real-time transparency into
    provider options
  • Automatically match patients to
    appropriate and available care
  • Complete more referrals to more
    appropriate settings
  • Track and follow-up on transitions
  • Prevent avoidable readmissions
  • Improve outcomes
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