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Strata Send is a powerful software tool that enables any clinician to electronically initiate, send, review and complete any type of referral or request—providing a total solution for referral automation, care coordination, and discharge planning. This allows the patient’s chosen post-acute providers instantly receive and electronically review the eReferral via their Strata Health dashboard.

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Eliminate Phone Calls and Faxing

Strata Send has built-in real-time communication to eliminate phone calls and faxing. The Case Manager and the post-acute care provider can use this feature to streamline all transitions of care communications.. Using Strata Send results in an efficient transfer from a patient’s hospital bed to the next step in their care continuum, supporting a faster turnaround time with the patient’s transition of care.

Strata Send: Benefits

Patient referrals used to consume large amounts of time and coordination, but our user-friendly software solution streamlines these activities and gives you back more time to focus on your patient’s transitions of care and discharge planning, all while effectively reducing hospital readmissions.

Case Management at work
  • Allows staff to automate clerical functions to support practicing at the top of their license
  • Reduces operational costs
    • Automates discharge planning
    • Removes out-of-date communication methods such as faxes and phone calls
  • Reduces length of stay and lowers readmissions
    • Expedites the patient transfer process
    • Eliminates wasted time by digitizing paperwork
  • Ensures the patient gets to the best place of care for their needs
    • Streamlines communication between hospitals and post-acute care providers
    • Data transparency between hospitals and post-acute care providers
  • Enhanced patient analytics
  • Post-Acute Care providers are not charged to receive referrals
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