Surrey, British Columbia: July 1, 2010: Strata Health, in partnership with Fraser Health, has announced the release of a proprietary analytics Dashboard – Strata IQ™ – which interprets and graphically displays patient flow Performance Indicators in real time, generated by Strata PathWays™ suite of patient flow solutions.

“Fraser Health has a successful history working with strategic dashboards,” commented Laura Case, Director, Systems Analysis and Process Improvement, Fraser Health. “We’ve combined our dashboard expertise with Strata Health’s analytics platform, improving Fraser Health’s operational control of patient flow and Acute Alternate Level of Care (ALC), while supporting Ministry of Health (MOH) reporting requirements in real time. It’s the kind of added-value relationship we seek with vendors”

One of the key benefits Strata Health provides to its clinical users is timely, accurate and actionable data about the flow of patients to the Community programs they are utilizing.

“As Strata PathWays™ accessed previously static patient waitlists, early on it was discovered that very unique data was captured. The challenge has been to effectively display the comprehensive data and put it quickly in the hands of key decision makers – both at the front line and in the executive offices,” commented Don Schick, Strata Health founder and CEO. “Frankly, I’ve not been inspired by the reporting strategies within our category to date. As a result, Strata Health partnered with Fraser Health to dramatically advance our reporting and analytic tools.”

The most recent version of Strata PathWays™ has introduced at-a-glance dashboards providing up-to-the-minute decision support for health care leaders and front-line clinicians. Surveys suggested clients face delays in accessing their enterprise analytics, yet have an accelerating need to quickly interpret patient flow trends as managing Acute ALC, ED Access, Programming Gaps and Balanced Scorecard KPI’s become critical within today’s stressed health systems. The answer is Strata IQ™ – a drillable dashboard engineered to clearly present patient flow metrics from broad trends down to the specific transactions making up those trends – in real time.

“We’ve learned over nine years just how complex patient flow data can be to analyze and drive to action, “concluded Schick. “Strata IQ™ is the outcome of matching Fraser Health’s category experience with emerging state-of-the-art analytics technology. But as with all meaningful advances in our product suite, the key was our clinical partner’s intimate knowledge of what they needed to make smart patient-centered decisions. Without Fraser Health’s contribution, we’d still be thinking about this instead of launching it for all clients.”

Strata IQ™ is now available across all Strata PathWays™ installations.

About Fraser Health:

Fraser Health (FH) provides a wide range of integrated health services – ranging from hospital care, to community-based residential, home health, mental health and public health – to the largest and fastest growing population in BC. Its facilities include hospitals, clinics, community health care centres, residential care and assisted living homes. The health authority is committed to improving the health of the population and the quality of life of more than 1.6 million people living in BC communities from Burnaby to White Rock to Hope.

In the residential care sector, Fraser Health funds approximately 6,000 residential care beds to provide care for seniors with complex care needs. In addition, it owns and operates a further approximately 1, 700 residential care beds. The challenges of managing this sector require accurate and detailed information about the patient (resident) flow across the health authority in order to make key resource allocation decisions supported by real time information. Given the scope and breadth of the sector, leaders in FH require performance and monitoring information to be available in a dynamic, easy-to-access presentation that points out ‘hotspots’ combined with an ability to leverage historical data to enhance our ability to adjust business processes to meet client and system needs.

About Strata Health:

Strata Health leverages technology to achieve dramatic patient flow improvement within health systems. Our clients say they’ve entrusted us with the job of creating patient flow solutions that achieve real and dramatic benefits for patients, their families and the world’s devoted front line caregivers. Operational in Canada and the UK, Strata Health is a privately-held Canadian corporation. It is comprised of professionals with empathy for those who need care and intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others.

Strata PathWays™ is an online, real-time waitlist optimization system practically improving the patient experience and system access. Connected to care providers in the community, it provides front line clinicians with real-time tools to flow appropriate discharging patients to available bed and program openings. The e-Referral system radically reduces the time that patients occupy acute care beds after they have been assessed for discharge into alternative community programs – now including Mental Health & Addictions, Rehabilitation/Sub-Acute, Home Care, Continuing Care Centers, Assisted Living, Palliative, Physiotherapy, Community Support and Adult Day Programs.

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