Winter pressures are coming. Does your health system have a plan in place to improve hospital flow?

By 30 September 2022 – as part of the Acute Hospital Discharge ‘100-Day Challenge’ – NHS England asked that all trusts and systems have:

  • a full understanding of the 10 interventions for improving discharge, and
  • infrastructure in place to focus on implementation.

The Problem:

Multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) have trouble identifying and coordinating care for patients with complex needs at discharge.

Case Management at work

The Solution:

Strata Health creates an assessment & discharge plan and dashboard that is easily shared across MDTs, enabling transparency to improve care transitions.


Strata Health’s 10-Point Plan for Improving Acute Hospital Discharge in England

Strata Health can support winter resilience across NHS Scotland’s health and care system. To learn how our proven digital system can help improve discharge and transitions of care for NHS Acute Hospitals and Systems, download our 10-Point Plan.


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