(October 2021) Strata Health is pleased to announce that Strata technology will now be used for emergency diversion in hospitals. With use of the Strata Health platform, emergency care providers will be better equipped to identify and transition patients who would benefit from a more appropriate care setting. Many patients end up at emergency departments because they don’t know where else to go to receive care, even if their condition may be inappropriate for an emergency setting. Once a care provider assesses these patients at emergency triage, the Strata platform is used to analyze assessment data to identify the most appropriate healthcare services for the patient’s particular needs and to manage the transition of that patient to those services. This innovation allows a triage nurse or emergency room clinician to refer the patient to better care options, avoiding an unnecessary emergency room or hospital admission. Examples of emergency diversion options include home care, specialist appointments, pain management clinics, dentists, social workers and psychologists. For mental health patients presenting to emergency, the assessment is typically conducted by a licensed clinical social worker or clinical psychologist. The Strata platform uses the results of the patient’s assessment to match the patient to appropriate mental health programs and services such as counselling, sobering and detox, mental health facilities, day programs and education services. For already extremely overcrowded hospitals, Strata Health’s intelligent, digital solutions allow patients to be triaged away from hospital and emergency rooms towards care settings and services that are more appropriate for their needs. The result is improved patient flow and better use of healthcare resources. Strata Health is pleased to be part of the solution towards better care for patients. We will continue to work with care providers across the healthcare continuum to identify innovative tools that can improve patient flow, patient access and patient choice.  

About Strata Health

With almost 20 years of experience in the health technology sector, Strata Health is the leading provider of intelligent, digital tools for resource allocation, patient transitions, and patient flow innovation across the care continuum. Strata Health supports healthcare clients on three continents, helping over 12 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. Strata’s software solutions improve the healthcare experience for patients, clinicians, and health jurisdictions worldwide. Contact us today.   
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