Strata Health U.S. is excited to unveil a significant platform update that will enhance patient engagement and further streamline workflows for case managers. 

Introducing Personal Device Access 

Gone are the days of relying on Strata Health provided tablets to engage patients! With our latest update, case managers can now create shareable links for patients and their families, enabling them to have an interactive experience while reviewing their personalized post-acute care options. These links provide direct access to intelligently curated options that match their unique needs and insurance coverage. 

With this new feature, patients can conveniently submit their choices from their own devices, eliminating any infection control concerns from shared tablets, and providing a seamless and efficient process for everyone involved. 

With this update, you can:  

  • Share a patient’s unique Strata Search provider list via email, text, or public link, simplifying access to essential healthcare information. 
  • Empower patients to conveniently submit post-acute care choices from their own device, eliminating infection control concerns associated with shared tablets and ensuring a safer healthcare experience. 
  • Gain instant access to the patient’s choices, streamlining workflows and decision-making. 
  • Remain fully compliant with CMS CoPs, particularly regarding discharge planning, patient choice, and the provision of high-quality resource use information through the STAR ratings.  

At Strata Health, we are committed to improving patient engagement and enhancing efficiency with our digital solutions. We believe this new feature will be a valuable addition to our platform, seamlessly empowering both patients and case managers in making well-informed post-acute care decisions. To see the capabilities of this interactive addition, along with a comprehensive view of our platform’s functionalities, schedule a demo with us today! 

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