Strata Health Solutions, the health technology pioneer who delivers intelligent electronic patient referrals for optimal care across the healthcare continuum, proudly announces the launch of its new corporate identity, story and values, which underscores the company’s continuing expansion in both Canadian and the European markets.

“Our new corporate identity isn’t just about redesigning our logo and website or choosing new corporate colours” comments Don Schick, Founder and CEO of Strata Health. “It’s a natural evolution in the how we present our organization, and its culture to the marketplace that has supported our product suite from an idea to the leader in optimizing patient transitions right across health systems”.

We worked to rebrand Strata Health to provide a clear message about what we do:

Strata Health improves the efficiency of total healthcare systems and the quality of delivered care to make a difference in peoples lives.

… and how we do it:

Generating improved communication & program visibility between clinicians Freeing up existing acute, community and staffing resources Providing clinicians more time for patient care versus administration Driving real time clinical decision support and system performance management Our new brand identity is supported by a new logo designed with four elements representing the constant communication flow between clinicians, providers and patients coming together to provide a smooth efficient patient journey across the health care system. The four elements come together to form the total healthcare experience symbolized by the iconic health care cross at the centre of the icon.

Celebrating Strata’s new bilingual partnerships with Francophone health authorities in Canada, we have also launched our new French brand identity; to be followed by a dedicated Francophone website.

Strata Health Values focus on making a Difference, Valuing Health and Life, and consistently delivering Collaboration, Reliability and Focus.

Strata Health will soon introduce its new brand identity on a completely redesigned Canadian and UK websites to better serve the company’s clients and associates.

“Strata Health has evolved so dramatically since the original corporate identity was designed on the back of an Air Canada napkin! Our product breadth and industry approach has grown over the past 13 years, and it was important to evolve the representation of our firm so that it accurately conveys our expanding corporate vision and global focus,” said Schick. “As we transform Strata’s public face – we will continue to work intensely to hold onto the passion and drive that helped us earn the trust of our many clients since 2001.”

About Strata Health:

STRATA HEALTH was formed over a decade ago by healthcare and business professionals committed to finding a way of using technology to manage the flow of patients into and across the care continuum. Then, and to this day, caregivers are taken away from caring for patients to coordinate care transitions manually by phone, fax and email. They’re often working with an incomplete picture of their patients’ medical, financial and personal status, and even fewer relevant details about available downstream options. Mistakes are made. Patients, caregivers and the healthcare system all suffer as a result.

Working with healthcare practitioners, clinicians, IT specialists and administrators, STRATA HEALTH pioneered the development of powerful software tools that have revolutionized patient flow, benefitting patients, caregivers and system efficiencies alike. Today, our proprietary intelligent referral technology has positive effects right through the care system; we make existing system beds and programs available sooner. Primary care physicians can better match their patient to an available specialist or program; and specialist referrals happen sooner. Wait times for emergency care are cut. Patients move to acute care from the emergency department faster. Patients, when they’re assessed ready for discharge, are provided optimal downstream care sooner. Re-admissions to the ER because of discharge to inappropriate care options are reduced. And caregivers spend less time doing paperwork, and have more time to actually care for their patients.

STRATA HEALTH continues to work with healthcare providers to change things for the better; achieving greater operating efficiencies; increased productivity; and more positive outcomes for patients through intelligent electronic management of patient transitions into the right care, at the right time.

For further information:

President and CEO Don Schick 604 657 3900

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