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Improve Patient Flow, Reduce Costs, and Fix a Disconnected System

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With lingering inefficiencies, growing pressures, and limited capacity to meet the demands for care, health system ICSs need better tools to smooth the flow of patients across all settings. Strata Health automates referral workflows, bridges communication gaps, and improves patient transitions across all health and care settings.

ICS leaders can begin to break down silos with Strata Health’s transitions of care management software, a powerful tool that lets clinicians and care coordinators initiate, send, review and complete any referral or request electronically—providing a total solution for referral automation, care orchestration, and discharge planning.

Featuring a powerful algorithmic decision support engine, Strata Health automatically matches patients to the best care package or provider based on care needs, referral appropriateness, and wait times/capacity.

Strata Health Improves:

  • Transitions of Care
  • Patient Choice
  • Provider Network Management

Strata Health Reduces:

  • Readmissions
  • Siloed systems
  • Delayed discharge
  • Inappropriate admissions

Once the referral has been sent, care providers can collaborate through an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all communication, tracking, and oversight of the activities, tasks, and steps in the referral process in real time.

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