At Strata Health, we’ve been at the forefront of health information technology for over two decades, partnering with global health systems to deploy cutting-edge referral management and transitions of care solutions. Our experience has taught us that being a valued strategic partner goes beyond delivering an excellent product; it’s about providing exceptional service as well. 

For health systems and hospitals, selecting the right technology vendor is a critical decision that can significantly impact patient care and organizational success. To help guide you in making the right choice, here are seven key questions to ask before partnering with a technology vendor: 

1. Can you provide case studies and references? 

Seek a vendor with a proven track record. Request references from other health systems that have successfully implemented their solutions. Real-world case studies and testimonials are invaluable in gaining insights into what you can expect. 

2. Do you offer comprehensive support services? 

Support services are your lifeline when issues arise. Inquire about the vendor’s offerings, including implementation support, technical assistance, and customer success. A responsive and helpful support team can make a world of difference. 

3. What are your integration capabilities? 

Seamless integration with your existing systems is paramount. Inquire about their abilities to integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR), facilitate data exchange between systems, and connect with other essential technologies in your daily workflow. A vendor that can harmonize various platforms will enhance workflow efficiency.  

4. Can your solution be tailored to meet our specific needs? 

Flexibility is key. Ensure the vendor’s solution is adaptable and configurable to suit your health system’s specific requirements. 

5. Are you a technology partner that collaborates on finding solutions? 

Seek a vendor who listens to your challenges and collaborates to identify the right solutions. A partner who comprehends your needs, actively contributes to problem-solving, and offers guidance and advice to support your digital transformation, streamlining processes and workflows, can be invaluable. 

6. Can your solutions expand and scale? 

Healthcare is in a constant state of evolution. Ensure that the vendor’s solutions can adapt and grow in tandem with your health system’s evolving needs. The capability to expand your chosen solutions across your broader health system can be invaluable in maximizing your return on investment. 

7. What is your strategy for delivering ROI? 

Challenge the vendor to define what success will look like. This definition should encompass not only financial returns but also considerations such as compliance, staff satisfaction, and patient experience. A vendor committed to your long-term success will offer a holistic perspective on ROI. 

Partner with Strata Health

Strata Health isn’t just a name; it’s a promise. We’ll help propel your health system to new heights, providing robust references, top-notch support services, seamless integration capabilities, scalable solutions, and a comprehensive understanding of ROI that goes beyond the balance sheet. 

We invite you to connect with our team today to explore our transitions of care solutions and discover why we are the obvious partner of choice. We’re here for you every step of the way, poised to optimize and automate patient flow across the continuum of care, making a meaningful difference for your health system.  

Don’t hesitate; contact us and experience the Strata Health advantage. 

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