Smooth transitions of care are essential for ensuring patients receive the right support after leaving the hospital. At the heart of this process lies accurate information about post-acute care providers, guiding case managers, patients, and families towards the best possible outcomes. Yet, recent survey findings from Strata Health paint a concerning picture, revealing that a staggering 44% of US case managers struggle with outdated or missing information in this crucial aspect of care coordination.

What are the repercussions of the information gap between hospitals and post-acute care, and how can post-acute care providers contribute to bridging this divide? Let’s dive deeper to uncover the answers.

Navigating the Ripple Effects of Outdated Information: The Digital Dilemma

While an impressive 84% of case managers surveyed rely on digital directories like Strata Search to find post-acute care options, the critical point is recognizing that the quality of patient referrals depends directly on the accuracy of available information. The impacts of outdated or missing information extend far and wide, affecting various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem: 

  • Inappropriate Referrals: Outdated details can result in case managers making referrals to facilities that may not be the best fit for the patient’s needs, wasting everyone’s time and resources. 
  • Frustrations for Case Managers: Case managers bear the brunt of navigating through incomplete or inaccurate information, causing frustration and inefficiencies. 
  • Dangerous Delays for Patients: Timely care is paramount, and any delay due to information gaps can jeopardize patient health, potentially leading to readmissions.  

A Call to Action for Post-Acute Care Providers 

Maintaining up-to-date information, including accepted insurance and available services, is crucial. Addressing this challenge requires a collective effort. Here’s how post-acute care facilities can play a pivotal role: 

  1. Claim your Strata Search listing here ➜
  2. Admins, manage your own users for increased self-efficiency and ease of use.  
  3. Commit to reviewing and updating your profile quarterly through Strata Health’s user-friendly portal. 
  4. Inform hospitals in your area about Strata Search’s Digital Directory, emphasizing its benefits for streamlined referrals while eliminating the need to maintain paper lists. 
  5. Encourage post-acute care providers to take action by reaching out to Strata Health to claim their free listing promptly. 

The path to enhancing patient outcomes lies in the hands of all healthcare stakeholders. By prioritizing the accuracy and currency of information, we pave the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare system, ultimately benefiting both providers and the patients they serve. 

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