Integration with ERPs and Shared Care Records

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The Problem

Siloed healthcare systems hinder coordinated patient care by introducing obstacles in the patient journey, which results in increased costs and poor patient outcomes.

Patients are most vulnerable at the time of transition, resulting in negative outcomes. Our tools increase communication and transparency to alleviate this problem.

Common Problems

  • System APIs not talking to each other
  • Fragmented data
  • Information gaps
  • Communication blocks and breakdowns
  • Lack of data-driven decision-making
  • Effective management of patient flow

Our Solution

With healthcare data flowing through it, Strata Health’s integration engine ensures systems are connected, ushering information between the most critical applications care navigators depend on. Strata Health’s system removes siloed communication and processes by prioritizing interoperability and interfacing between systems, allowing for seamless on-demand data exchange.

Strata Health helps health care workers:

  • Breakdown data silos
  • Seamlessly integrate healthcare information
  • Improve decisions and workflows
  • Ensure patient flow across the continuum
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