In December 2023, Strata Health conducted a survey, exploring the experiences and perspectives of over 340 acute case managers across the United States. The survey aimed to shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced in transitions of care, offering valuable insights into the state of the industry. This blog summarizes key findings from the survey, highlighting the challenges, the evolving landscape of case management, and Strata Health’s transformative role.

Challenges Revealed

The survey brought to light several challenges faced by case managers in 2023. Coordinating care for complex needs emerged as a significant hurdle, with 84% of respondents identifying it as a key challenge. Staff shortages and burnout were prevalent, affecting 51% of case managers. Additionally, 33% highlighted navigating changes in healthcare regulations as a significant challenge, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions to address these issues.

CMS Compliance

While many case managers expressed confidence in understanding and complying with CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs), a concerning 40% lacked full confidence, indicating a knowledge gap. Notably, 7% admitted to being unaware of CMS rules in discharge planning. This underscores the necessity for increased education, training, and automation to ensure compliance and enhance patient care quality in this critical area.

Tools of the Trade

The survey revealed a notable shift towards digital tools, with 87% of case managers utilizing them to find post-acute care options and 93% for referral management. However, challenges such as outdated or inaccurate information from post-acute care providers affected 44% of case managers. Satisfaction with transitions of care tools varied, emphasizing the importance of strategic partnerships in overcoming challenges associated with digital tool adoption.


Strata Health emerges as a transformative force, addressing the challenges and opportunities in transitions of care. Through strategic partnerships, education, and cutting-edge technology, Strata Health provides a full-spectrum approach to enhance care coordination, mitigate workforce challenges, and ensure regulatory compliance. The survey reflects the evolving landscape of case management, emphasizing the need for solutions that go beyond technology alone. Case managers can look to Strata Health as a partner in navigating transitions of care seamlessly.

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