At Strata Health, we’ve always been driven by innovation, community, and making a positive impact. That’s why we are thrilled to share some exciting news: we’re proudly supporting and sponsoring The Skinflint Rally—an exhilarating banger-rally adventure that blends the spirit of adventure with the power of giving back.

What is The Skinflint Rally?

Imagine traversing the landscapes of Europe in cars bought for just £500! The Skinflint Rally is not your average road trip—it’s an unforgettable journey that combines thrifty automotive prowess with creativity, challenges, and a heartfelt purpose. Teams embark on this epic voyage, their cars uniquely decorated and their spirits high, all for the sake of charity. This year, the team has been split across two, collectively aiming to raise over £5,000 for the Children’s Hospital Charity in Sheffield.

Meet the Team: John Miller’s Dino-Themed Adventure

Volunteering with the Penistone Round Table team is our very own John Miller. Picture this: a Jurassic Park-themed car, cruising along the highways of Europe. But that’s not all—John and his team will be fully embracing the dinosaur spirit, wearing dino suits and ranger outfits to spread joy and raise awareness for the cause.

Join Us in Driving Change

“We invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Your support, no matter the size, can make a difference in the lives of children in need,” explained John. “Every pound contributes to the goal of raising funds for the Children’s Hospital Charity, and every ounce of encouragement fuels our determination.”

To contribute to the Penistone Round Table’s Skinflint Rally in support of the Children’s Hospital Charity, visit the fundraising page here, or click on the button below.

Stay tuned for updates by following the The Skinflint Rally Facebook Page.

On behalf of all of us at Strata Health, good luck! We’ll be cheering John and his dino-clad companions as they traverse the miles from England to Vienna this September. We look forward to ongoing updates, sharing in the excitement, and making this rally an unforgettable experience of change, camaraderie, and charity—one mile at a time.

About The Children’s Hospital Charity

The Children’s Hospital Charity change children’s lives every day by supporting pioneering ground-breaking medical treatment and creating a comfortable and engaging environment at Sheffield Children’s. Donations, fundraising, sponsorship and everything in between help create a healthier future for children and young people who visit Sheffield Children’s, funding projects that are over and above the standard NHS provision. For more information, visit the Sheffield Children’s website.

About Penistone Round Table

We believe life’s more fun if you get involved in the community, have a laugh with friends and raise money for good causes. That’s why we run our local bonfire night, help pull santa’s sleigh and organise Penistone Gala. And why we meet up socially to try new things from pie-making to suba diving.

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