Top minds from the Canadian healthcare industry recently converged in Alberta to discuss the critical topic of optimizing the patient journey through digital modernization. A great presentation came from the Health Quality Council of Alberta, emphasizing the view that patients should be active in their healthcare, especially during the unprecedented challenges posed by the healthcare staffing crisis. And while the responsibility of patient-centred care should be shared, it must not rest solely on patients’ shoulders. Technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring patients remain in control of their information while streamlining (easing, optimizing, facilitating) patients’ often complex health care journey. 

The Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange Society’s (ANHIX) Spring Symposium was a fantastic opportunity to discuss health care innovations and technologies. The Ontario Psychological Association presented mental health data highlighting how they leverage Strata Health technology to give patients more control over their mental health journey, including the ability for patients to specify their personal preferences during the physician referral or their service request process.  

In this blog, we will cover three key ways technology supports patient-centred care, while simultaneously tackling the staffing crisis. 

1. Seamless Care Coordination

In the face of limited staffing resources, ensuring seamless care coordination becomes paramount. Strata Health’s technology platform is designed to automate and optimize the complex processes of coordinating care across various healthcare providers. Our platform reduces delays, improves communication, and enhances the patient experience by streamlining the referral and transfer processes. Intelligent resource-matching algorithms match patients with the most appropriate healthcare resources based on their clinical needs, preferences, and availability. This ensures that patients receive timely and efficient care, despite staffing challenges. 

2. Intelligent Resource Utilization

Optimizing healthcare resources becomes even more crucial during a staffing crisis. Strata Health’s technology leverages real-time data analysis and advanced algorithms to maximize the utilization of available resources. By matching patients with the most suitable healthcare providers, facilities, and services, we not only enhance patient outcomes but also alleviate the administrative burden on overworked staff. This intelligent resource utilization reduces wait times, improves access to care, and optimizes the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole. 

Effective communication and collaboration among healthcare providers are vital for delivering patient-centred care. Strata Health’s technology facilitates seamless information exchange and collaboration among care teams involved in a patient’s journey. Through secure messaging, real-time alerts, and shared care plans, healthcare professionals can work together cohesively, ensuring patients receive continuity of care across different settings. By enabling smooth communication, our platform helps bridge the gaps caused by staffing shortages and ensures that patients’ needs are met. 

3. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

While patients should undoubtedly be engaged in their healthcare, the responsibility should not be solely theirs. Strata Health’s technology empowers health systems to prioritize patients while optimizing operations. By leveraging technology effectively, we can navigate the staffing crisis and create a healthcare system where patients receive the quality care they deserve.  

Join us in championing patient-centred care through the strategic use of technology. Together, let’s shape a future where healthcare is truly patient-centric, efficient, and resilient. Contact Strata Health today to find out more.


The Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange Society (ANHIX) membership consists of professionals with a vested interest in Alberta’s Health Informatics, Healthcare Technology and Information Management industry. The ANHIX members are from all areas of Alberta with some members joining us from other provinces of Canada and internationally. For more information, visit

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