Strata Health’s journey began in 2001 with a visionary partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), then known as the Calgary Health Region. This collaboration produced a transformative platform, initially designed to address waitlisting and vacancy management in long-term care, with the goal of reducing Alternative Level of Care (ALC) rates in hospitals. Based on the program’s success, AHS and Strata Health expanded into Assisted Living in Calgary and later reached Edmonton, providing a robust foundation for future growth and evolution. 

In 2011, AHS took Strata Health’s contract province-wide, solidifying its commitment to optimizing and standardizing patient flow across its geography. The partnership continues to evolve, extending its reach into mental health services amongst other care types, supporting equitable and transparent access to care for all individuals. 

In 2023, Alberta Health Services adopted the most recent version of Strata Health’s software, introducing the following enhancements: 

  1. Alerts: A sophisticated alert system ensures timely and proactive notifications of next steps and KPI breaches, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions swiftly, thereby enhancing patient care and resource allocation.  
  1. Enhanced Business Intelligence Tools: The latest offering from Strata Health provides comprehensive and insightful reporting functionality, granting AHS access to actionable data insights crucial for informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.  
  1. History Management: Includes archiving, purging, and additional means to manage the 20+ years of patient flow information stored in the solution. 
  1.  Advanced Roles: Additional role controls, further support the policy of minimum access required to complete job functions. 

The continued evolution of this partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between an innovative solutions provider and a pioneering healthcare entity like Alberta Health Services. This longstanding partnership highlights the pivotal role that Strata Health’s solutions play in shaping the future of healthcare delivery, ensuring a standardized, efficient, and patient-centric approach across the province of Alberta.

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“Strata Health values its long-term customers, and AHS stands as an exceptional example showcasing how these collaborations create significant, lasting impacts on health systems and patients over the course of many years.
– Kevin Jones, Senior Vice President, Strata Health Canada

To discover further insights into the impactful collaboration between Strata Health and AHS, contact us.

About Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is proud to be part of Canada’s first and largest provincewide, integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to more than 4.4 million people living in Alberta, as well as to some residents of Saskatchewan, B.C. and the Northwest Territories. AHS has 106 acute care hospitals, five stand-alone psychiatric facilities, 8,523 acute care beds, 28,360 continuing care beds/spaces and 3,077 addiction and mental health beds/spaces, plus equity partnership in 40 primary care networks. Programs and services are offered at more than 900 facilities throughout the province, including hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, cancer centres, mental health facilities and community health sites. The province also has an extensive network of community-based services designed to assist Albertans in maintaining and improving their overall health status. To learn more visit

About Strata Health Solutions

Strata Health is a leading provider of intelligent patient flow technology, offering innovative solutions to optimise the coordination and management of patient care. With a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, Strata Health partners with healthcare organisations worldwide, providing advanced technology platforms to streamline patient flow, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance patient experiences. Learn more at

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