NHS England has recently allocated a substantial £40 million fund across 54 regions to bolster urgent and emergency care this winter. Amidst this allocation lies a critical issue: the strain faced by NHS hospitals during winter, primarily caused by congestion within Emergency Departments (EDs). This congestion doesn’t solely arise from patient influx at the front door; it stems from bottlenecks occurring at the back door—patients remaining in hospital due to delayed transfers of care to appropriate community and social care settings.  

The Solution

Tackling this bottleneck requires a multifaceted strategy, and Strata Health emerges as a dependable ally in optimising patient flow, alleviating the stress on urgent and emergency care.

Optimise Patient Flow with Strata Health’s Transitions of Care Platform

  • Streamline Discharge: Leveraging automated workflows, our platform streamlines discharge processes, ensuring quicker bed turnover, minimising transition delays to downstream care settings, and effectively reducing bottlenecks. 
  • Boost Capacity: Strata Health’s platform automates resource allocation and care transitions, reducing delays in discharges and accelerating hospital bed availability. This enhancement prioritises beds for the most urgent patients, ultimately improving overall capacity. 
  • Enhance Access to Care Beyond Hospitals: Through our Digital Transfer of Care Hub, Strata Health strengthens access to health and care services beyond the hospital. This promotes better community care and decreases reliance on hospital care for non-urgent cases. 
  • Match Patients to Appropriate Care: Our platform utilises advanced algorithms to automatically match individuals with the most suitable care options, tailored to their specific needs and conditions. This feature navigates patients to the right services, significantly reducing unnecessary visits to the ED. 
  • Improve Communication and Collaboration: Integrated within our platform, tech-enabled communication fosters better collaboration among healthcare providers, facilitating a coordinated approach to care and reducing discharge process delays. 
  • Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making: Strata Health’s technology provides advanced analytics and real-time insights, enabling informed decisions for optimising patient pathways and resource allocation. 

Take The First Step Towards a Better Path With Strata Health

At Strata Health UK, our commitment lies in enhancing patient flow and alleviating the strains faced by Trusts and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), especially during challenging periods like winter. Our innovative tech solutions aim to optimise pathways, enhance efficiencies, and alleviate urgent and emergency care pressures.  

To explore how Strata Health’s platform can transform patient flow across your health system, reach out today.  

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