Calgary, AB – September 13, 2019 – Strata Health is proud to be one of the reputable service providers noted in the Digital Health Service Catalogue.

Integrated care is the future. Together we will make it a reality.

“Strata Health has nearly 20 years of experience in supporting transitions of care globally. The OHT journey in Ontario is particularly exciting, as it aims to break down information silos not only within health but across sectors that make up the wider continuum of care. We have been working with customers to do the same worldwide and are thrilled to be positioned to help Ontario achieve great things,” says Peter Smith, Strata Health’s President and CEO.

We can help with OHT readiness.

With existing footprints in the GTA and North West of Ontario, Strata Health has been working with Ontario health authorities for over a decade, providing intelligent, digital tools for resource allocation, eReferrals, patient transitions, and continual patient flow innovation across the entire care continuum.

As OHTs develop, integrating existing technology and sources of data will become a significant challenge. Fortunately, Strata Health offers a simple solution. We can streamline access to resources and transitions of care by seamlessly integrating with your native workflow and information systems. This dismantles data silos, improves access, reduces transition times, decreases administrative workloads, and further progresses towards a patient-centric, integrated health care system.

We can help you meet Year 1 Expectations.

We have existing care pathways and can tackle novel ones in support of integrated, coordinated care. OHTs that are considering complex pathways may qualify for innovation support from Ontario Health. Strata Health is ready to be an innovation partner around Clinical and Data Standardization Collaborative care pathways.

We can help you deliver on General Digital Health Policy Directions.

1. Information Exchange Policy

With existing FHIR implementations, as well as dozens of varied interfaces live globally, we’re at the vanguard of integration. We know it’s critical to adoption and a seamless workflow, so we’ll work to ensure the best possible solution is put in place.

We understand there are many tools out there and interoperability will be crucial, so we’re collaborating on the Ontario eReferral (FHIR) specification and have a working proof-of-concept with CareDove (another local vendor).

We have a highly configurable integration architecture and strive to balance flexibility with stability in our interfaces.

2. Investment and Value-for-Money Policy

We are willing to explore novel reimbursement strategies, such as incentive-based frameworks.

3. Access, Privacy and Security Policy

We’re ISO 27001 certified, have undergone many Ontario and international privacy and threat risk assessments, and are a committed partner in ensuring compliance with obligations under PHIPA.

4. Reporting and Performance Policy

We have a dedicated team of reporting gurus who help ensure all of our customers’ data needs are met.

5. eServices Solution Policy

As one of the identified eReferral vendors, we are excited to see what opportunities lie ahead with OHTs as they tackle some of the challenges in achieving truly coordinated care across the care continuum.

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