Calgary, AB – August 2019: As Ontario’s health governance overhaul moves forward, newly established Health Teams will face the challenge of not just collaborating to coordinate care, but also integrating existing technology and sources of data – of critical importance for a patient-centric integrated care system.

Digital tools can streamline access to resources and transitions of care, lowering both technical and business overhead, allowing teams to manage patients more efficiently, all while ensuring better outcomes and increased safety.

The opportunity exists to extend upon existing investments in such tools, expanding to cover all organizations – in health and beyond – and to ensure that care coordination is unimpeded by new boundaries (between OHTs) even as they are transcended within them.

The provincial FHIR standards for eReferral provides a framework for the vendor community to support a barrier-less model in this decentralization overhaul and it is encouraging that many in the vendor community have participated in the authoring of that specification.

Strata Health looks forward to ongoing discussions on how Ontario Health Teams can leverage their existing assets and cutting edge technologies to support their patient-centric visions.

Who is Strata Health?

With almost 20 years of experience in the patient care industry, Strata Health is the leading provider of intelligent, digital tools for resource allocation, patient transitions, and patient flow innovation across the care continuum. Strata Health supports healthcare clients on three continents, helping over 1.5 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. Strata’s software solutions are improving the healthcare experience for patients, clinicians, and health jurisdictions around the world.

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