Toronto, ON – November 1, 2017 – Think Research, a leading provider of clinical decision support tools, and Strata Health Solutions, a leading provider of patient transition solutions with unique intelligent resource matching technology, have signed an agreement to provide an end-to-end patient transition solution that will deliver the best possible, evidence-based care to patients.

This endeavour offers Canadians a flexible solution, supported by a robust integration that leverages each organization’s existing strengths and services. The collaboration fosters an innovative approach to improving appropriate and cost-efficient transitions across the entire health care setting. By combining Think Research’s clinical best practice Order Sets and Strata Health’s intelligent resource matching technology, patients will have the right transition initiated at the onset of patient admission through clinical orders.

“We’re excited to be working with Strata Health to expand our set of transition service solutions,” said Mark Sakamoto, Executive Vice President at Think Research. “Patients and clinicians are searching for comprehensive solutions to help standardize and improve access to appropriate care. Through this collaboration, we’ll be able to provide a comprehensive and flexible ecosystem capable of covering the entire range of patient transitions while facilitating the best clinical decisions for each unique patient.”

“The work with Think Research is an exciting opportunity to innovate around many unsolved health care challenges,” said Peter Smith, Executive Vice President, Canada, at Strata Health. “We know patients are often referred to inappropriate services – impacting quality outcomes, and budgets. This collaborative solution will tackle this challenge in an innovative way.”

The patient transition solution will leverage Strata Health’s transition hub as well as Think Research’s Patient Order Sets and cloud-based EntryPoint Platform to help deliver the best evidence-based care to patients.

About Strata Health Solutions

Since 2001, Strata Health has been developing and delivering custom software for health and social services which has helped over 1.2 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. Their proprietary solutions are used by provincial and regional health authorities across Canada, the UK, Australia and France with such clients as Alberta Health Services, Toronto Central LHIN and NHS Cumbria seeing dramatic results in operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Strata Health is a privately held company with a head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and satellite offices that support their international operations.

About Think Research

Think Research’s mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so everyone gets the best care. The company takes the ever-growing body of clinical evidence and health care algorithms to create software applications that drive high quality clinical decision making. Think Research’s solutions are provided through a secure, multi-application platform that is used by clinicians and patients at the point of care, and is deployed in over 1,000 facilities in Canada, the US and the EU, with millions of patients being impacted annually.

For further information:

Roger Beharry Lall 1 (647) 951-4887

Etienne O’Connor 1 (866) 556-5005 Ext. 4104

Download a copy of the release here: Press Release – Think Research and Strata

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