(September 2019) Strata Health UK has led the way in achieving system-wide patient flow, linking all levels of resources and care with the patients who need them most. With almost two decades of development driven by clinicians around the globe, Strata Health is enabling patients to be moved to the right care, with efficiency, transparency, accountability, and responsibility.


The Strata Health UK team is led by Clint Schick, who moved from his role as Managing Director to Chief Executive of Strata Health UK Ltd as of July 1, 2019. While the role is formally responsible for the performance of the company, as directed by the Global President’s overall strategy, Schick leads as a champion of the company’s vision and mission.

Says Schick, “our strategy towards 2020 and beyond continues to leverage our core competencies to support patients, their families, and the local health and social care workforce. Increasing demands are being placed upon these groups to deliver world-class population health across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”


Schick joined Strata Health in the early 2000s when the concept of patient flow was a new and exciting idea in healthcare technology. He is an evangelist of system-wide patient flow, what it means, and how it can truly make a difference to patients, their families, and front-line caregivers. He says “the thought of being able to apply retained knowledge and experience to assist patients and their families (and front line caregivers) to achieve better health outcomes – faster and more efficiently – was extremely compelling. Wrapping this into a technology-driven strategy made it all the more desirable as a driver to real innovation.”


“Over the past decade,” Schick says, “Strata Health UK has been intensely focused on leading the industry in its ability to navigate the right patient, to the right care – quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, achieving better patient outcomes in the process.”

Deployment of Strata Pathways in the UK has resulted in a streamlined workflow that facilitates true patient-centred care, delivered in a timely matter, optimising all levels of care resources. In acute care, there has been a real reduction of “bed blocking” (DTOC [delayed transfers of care – England] or Delayed Discharge [Scotland]) as clear access to available and matched service enables better, faster transition of care.


To make real change in the way patients move across and within highly complex health and social care infrastructures, deep transformational change is required. “Software underpins this transformation. However, there are no shortcuts, no ‘silver bullets’ to what is necessary to achieve the end goal of greater efficiencies. It is perhaps human nature to want to be able to deliver quick results, and with a light touch. However, we have seen all too often such approaches fail, leaving patients and health providers alike no further ahead than they were previously,” explains Schick.

The Strata team is charged with aligning the critical imperatives and future strategies of trusts and local authorities with a measured and achievable schedule of this kind of change. Schick takes great pride in the team’s ability to execute at this level. “We do this well, thus ensuring the deep configuration of our software is truly ‘fit for purpose’ and delivers the necessary components of a sustainable local best practise. It’s an essential and effective blend of advanced software and the ability to make the features within this software relevant to local users.”


Looking ahead, Strata Health UK will continue to work with those industry leaders that have the vision, courage, and energy to make system-wide transformational change a priority, to realise the full potential of better outcomes and enhanced efficiencies in 2020 and beyond.

Also significant is a dramatic drop in the number of patients being inappropriately referred to community or social care providers, in most cases down to 4% of all referred patients. Overall, there is a positive trend towards opening up access to formerly underused services.

“Over the past decade, Strata Health UK has been intensely focused on leading the industry in its ability to navigate the right patient, to the right care – quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, achieving better patient outcomes in the process.”

—Clint Schick, Chief Executive of Strata Health UK

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