In the health care industry, speed and efficiency are critical to reducing costs, conserving limited resources and improving patient outcomes.  With a growing customer base of LHINs and health care systems using our real-time tools to optimize patient flow and experience, we required a scalable, cost-effective solution to increase performance and availability.  For that we turned to the Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Real Application Clusters to create a high availability database cluster infrastructure to seamlessly manage the growing volume of health care providers relying on its system, leading to better, more cost-effective patient care.

With the recent business growth in our online, real-time eReferral system, Strata PathWays, we required a solution to support our customers’ service level agreements (SLAs).  We compared IBM’s hardware-only solution to Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Real Application Clusters and determined Oracle Database Appliance was the best solution to seamlessly and cost-effectively meet the growing data requirements of their customers today as well as into the future.

With the unique capacity-on-demand licensing model of the Oracle Database Appliance and virtualization support through Oracle VM, Strata Health can easily add database resources without system downtime or additional headcount, enabling highly efficient and cost-effective use of its servers.

Strata PathWays customers have reported improved user experience and performance benefits since implementation, including faster server transaction speeds and page loads; the elimination of runtime errors; and significant reduction in user session timeouts.

“Our core business revolves around efficiency and real-time collaboration, so having the right technology infrastructure is critical to optimizing patient care and outcomes,” said Darren Jones, chief operating officer, Strata Health Solutions.  “With a flexible, scalable system to maximize our database power, the Oracle Database Appliance is engineered for performance, which helps our customers ensure patients receive the best care in a timely fashion.  Now, we can continue our organic growth, without increasing our database support, which is a huge advantage for us.”

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