(December 2021) Calgary, AB: Strata Health announces partnership with Evidencio, incorporating its medical decision support algorithms within Strata PathWays assessment forms. Evidencio’s platform includes over 2000 medical algorithms, trusted around the world to support medical decision-making, calculations and predictions. In the last few decades, the volume of scientific papers has increased exponentially. The resulting ‘big data’ pool houses an enormous potential but is still only marginally used in medical practice. The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged this disconnect between science and medical practice as the “know-do gap”. Improvement of knowledge extraction, validation, and transferral is essential in order to utilize the untapped potential of medical databases. Initial specialty areas that will incorporate Evidencio tools are cardiology and stroke, in the UK and Canadian markets respectively.  Strata Health will continue to expand the use of the algorithms to support health care professionals using Strata PathWays, its class-leading patient flow solutions, across its global customer footprint. “We’re excited for the large array of possibilities this integration with Evidencio presents.  The initial use cases are immediately impactful, and we see great potential for existing and future clients.” Said President and CEO of Strata Health, Peter Smith. “Strata Health is always keen to incorporate better sources to extend our algorithms and Evidencio’s clinical decision support library is a perfect complement to our patient flow recommendation engine.” For more information, please contact info@stratahealth.com.
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