After a few challenging years, 2022 provided a glimpse of hope, as healthcare leaders shifted towards post-pandemic recovery. However, meeting a changing world’s demands provided a whole new set of challenges. Amid resurging waves of illness, staff shortages, limited capacity, and strained budgets, health systems struggled to meet the demand for services. As a result, streamlining healthcare operations became a major priority, and technology played an important role in creating lean and efficient processes.

At Strata Health, we worked closely with our partners, taking positive, forward-thinking steps to optimize patient flow and improve transitions of care workflows. Our 2022 Year in Review looks at the solutions we delivered and the achievements we attained. We hope it serves as a reminder of the innovative work we embark on with our partners and the impact of technology in healthcare.

Let’s take a look at a few highlights we achieved together.

Our Top Stories from 2022

Strata Health on The Move

The Strata Health team made a strong return to in-person events in 2022, attending and supporting over 35 conferences and networking events, including national and regional events hosted by the American Case Management Association and Case Management Society of America, the Digital Healthcare Show in London, and HPN North, a unique networking and shared learning event for NHS Senior Leaders and Suppliers.

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Sincerely, the Strata Health team

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