Strata Health UK is pleased to announce a new integration between our patient flow software and Attend Anywhere, a secure web-based platform and virtual waiting room that provides patients with video call access to clinicians. Traditionally, healthcare has been seen as a hands-on industry, but as the pandemic presses on, the demand for virtual and remote care has increased. Alternative care delivery methods are becoming essential to ensuring patients receive safe and timely care throughout the pandemic and beyond. Virtual visits meet this need, without any direct patient-to-clinician contact.

Benefits of Virtual Care

  • Less exposure to illness
  • Faster access to care
  • Cost-effective
  • Fewer missed or late appointments
  • Greater flexibility
  • Stronger patient-provider relationship
This new integration between Strata Health and Attend Anywhere will result in a digital workflow that delivers referrals from the NHS eReferral Service (ERs) and enables scheduling of virtual appointments using Attend Anywhere video technology.  It will:
  • Pre-populate patient profiles through seamless electronic interchanges between the referring service and the electronic patient record
  • Initiate, send, review and complete referrals or requests electronically from one integrated system
  • Book patients into virtual appointments based on resource capacity
  • Send clear, automated instructions to patients about their virtual appointment
  • Provide a calendar view for the clinic to see a complete picture of expected virtual appointments at any given time
  • Connect to the Attend Anywhere virtual waiting room for patients who have arrived to their virtual appointment
  • Connect outcomes from the virtual appointment to the patient chart
  • Extract meaningful data to gain critical insights into virtual visit wait times and no-show rates

Are you interested in offering virtual visits to your clients or patients?

Please contact Clint Schick, Chief Executive at Strata Health UK at

About Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere collaborates with governments and the health sector to deliver the game-changing human, economic and systemic value of patients being able to attend appointments via a video call. More than technology, our enablement approach and framework has evolved over many years of collaboration with clinicians, health services, medical colleges, governments and universities. It addresses barriers to scale and sustainability, which are primarily operational, people and process integration related, as opposed to technical. For more information, visit

About Strata Health

With almost 20 years of experience in the health technology sector, Strata Health is the leading provider of intelligent, digital tools for resource allocation, patient transitions, and patient flow innovation across the care continuum. Strata Health supports healthcare clients on three continents, helping over 12 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. Strata’s software solutions are improving the healthcare experience for patients, clinicians, and health jurisdictions around the world.

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