NHS England plans to launch nationwide care traffic control centres in preparation for the upcoming winter season, and Strata Health UK is taking the lead in offering assistance. With over 12,000 patients occupying hospital beds despite being medically fit for discharge daily, the introduction of care traffic control centres is a crucial step towards boosting capacity and resilience across the NHS. However, technology holds the key to unlocking its full potential. Strata Health’s Digital Transfer of Care Hub seamlessly connects services, clinical decisions, and workflows, and is well suited to become the “Central Nervous System” for care traffic control centres.

Strata Health’s Solution

The solution goes above and beyond mere data reporting. It involves facilitating instant access and placement for services through a carefully curated and dynamic directory of services (DOS), accompanied by intelligent clinical decision support and automated workflows. Strata Health’s Digital Transfer of Care Hubs transform the way healthcare providers coordinate and manage discharges, providing a unified approach to patient care. 

One of the core strengths of Strata Health’s platform is its ability to break down health and care siloes. By facilitating seamless communication and information sharing on both patient needs and resource capacity, the platform aligns teams across organisations. This enables the delivery of personalised care plans for complex patients with greater speed and efficiency. It also optimises the utilisation of resources across neighborhoods, specific locations, and even the entire system. 

Key Features

1. Real-Time Visibility of All Services

Strata Health’s platform offers a comprehensive view of all services available across an entire healthcare system or region, encompassing various levels of care, including social care, housing, and voluntary services. This real-time visibility empowers healthcare staff to make well-informed decisions and identify the best and most efficient discharge options for patients. 

2. Intelligent Matching Capabilities

The platform’s intelligent matching capabilities automatically pair patients with the most appropriate resources available, streamlining the discharge process and reducing variation. Furthermore, it can automatically prioritise waitlists based on the urgency of each patient’s needs, ensuring that those requiring immediate attention receive timely care. 

3. Seamless Referral Management

Strata Health’s platform facilitates seamless patient referrals across organisational boundaries, making it easier for staff to manage transition of care processes within a single, user-friendly interface. This enhanced efficiency contributes to quicker discharges and reduces administrative burden. 

4. Robust Integration

Strata Health’s platform offers flexible integration capabilities, facilitating seamless access to critical information directly from the electronic health record (EHR). By embedding Strata Health’s platform into existing EHR systems, healthcare providers can unlock a wealth of advantages, streamlining workflows and enhancing patient care. 

5. Data-Driven Decision Making

By offering access to data and analytics, such as provider response times and performance metrics, the platform promotes shared accountability and data-driven decision-making. This valuable information empowers healthcare providers to continually improve their processes and optimise discharge times. 

Considering these powerful features, Strata Health is poised to serve as the technology solution of choice for the NHS’ care traffic control centres. Our platform aligns perfectly with the objectives of the nationwide rollout, helping health and care providers unlock operational efficiencies and deliver more accurate and appropriate care plans, ultimately expediting patient discharges and enhancing overall outcomes. 

Contact Strata Health today.  

To learn more about how Strata Health’s Digital Transfer of Care Hubs can provide the ideal platform for managing care traffic control centres, we invite healthcare organisations to contact us today.  

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