To deliver optimal care, administrators and clinicians need data-driven decision-making. To enhance our software offering in this regard, we revamped our business intelligence offering beginning in May 2023. The objective was clear: empower healthcare providers with a modern, AI-driven reporting tool to enhance insights into transitions of care. 

The Journey So Far 

With over 20 years of reporting history, a ton of work has gone into migrating our standard reports and Strata IQ™ dashboards to the new tool and we’re happy to report that the initial phase of the project is nearing completion! We’re excited for the next phase, which will deliver a more comprehensive analytics experience. From modern visualizations to self-serve analysis and artificial intelligence capabilities, the next phase of the project represents a huge leap forward in reporting capabilities for Strata Health.  

We will build a scalable foundation of reports that pertain to various stakeholder needs. We will empower users to independently explore these reports, tailoring their insights to meet specific inquiries. We will share more reports with all customers, breaking out of the cycle of custom data requests and information silos.  

We consider this a renewal of our commitment to open access and providing customers with the necessary tools for informed decision-making. 

Looking Forward 

Strata Health’s vision for our business intelligence goes beyond our historical delivery of reactive and retrospective reports; it will help anticipate, predict, and empower customers to explore.  

Pyramid Analytics includes this type of AI-driven functionality in the form of: 

  • Predictive Analytics: Offering customers the ability to predict future values based on historical data trends and patterns. This could include: discharge times, wait times, capacity, and required resources – anything for which we have data. This predictive power can significantly improve resource allocation and streamline operations for healthcare providers.  
  • Natural Language Querying: Evolving the tool to understand plain English queries, providing users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. This feature enables users to ask analytics-related questions in natural language and receive responses in the most appropriate visualization format and/or text.  
  • Data Science & Workbench: Empowering data professionals with a robust data science workbench, allowing us to build, train, apply, and deploy machine learning against data sets. This opens possibilities for discovering patterns, detecting anomalies, making predictions, and optimizing decision-making. 

“Strata’s successful launch is a testament to the power of strategic data-driven decision-making, and Pyramid Analytics has played a pivotal role in this achievement. Our robust Decision Intelligence Platform, with its no-code, AI-driven capabilities, has empowered Strata to harness the full potential of their data. At Pyramid Analytics, we are honored to be the trusted partner chosen by Strata for our innovative solutions, assisting them in seamlessly transitioning from concept to reality. Our commitment to thinking bigger, scaling faster, and achieving more aligns perfectly with Strata’s vision, and we are excited to continue supporting their journey to new heights of business insight and intelligence.” 

– Pyramid Analytics  

Next Steps 

Strata Health prides itself on helping our customers solve tricky problems and views healthcare analytics as pivotal to that end. Customers can expect continuous updates and enhancements to the reporting capabilities as Strata Health strives to meet their evolving needs.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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