East Lancashire, UK, June 26th, 2024 – East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is at the forefront of innovation, implementing Strata PathWays Booking and Referral Standard (BaRS) across all 3 hospital sites. The first roll out of Strata PathWays™ Digital Emergency Department (ED) Services is live, and to date 5680 referrals have passed through our integration to create appointments in Strata PathWays. 

“Strata Health remains at the forefront of delivering digital solutions that join up the patient journey across Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in a safer, more transparent workflow that enables a consistent use of policy, programs and practice; all whilst delivering real front-line staff productivity” stated Clint Schick, Chief Executive of Strata Health UK. “The BaRS Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI) replacement initiative aims to enhance inflow to the emergency department in a predictive manner, improving care coordination and systems efficiency across key unplanned services from NHS111 and the NHS Streamer.”  

We invite all NHS trusts looking for a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI) replacement solution to get in touch with Strata Health UK today.

To learn more about Strata Health UK’s Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI) Replacement Solution and how it can optimise your emergency department’s operations, please contact us!

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