News Release – For Immediate Release

London, UK – 26th October 2018: Intouch With Health Ltd, the leading provider of hospital flow solutions in the UK, and Strata Health, the global leader in intelligent patient transition technology, have announced a collaboration. This collaboration is designed to accelerate patient access to the most appropriate care upon presentation at Emergency A&E departments.

“As we again approach winter flu season, A&E resources find themselves under siege to provide timely triage and services as patient A&E visits swell,” observes Clint Schick, MD Strata Health Ltd. “We have joined with Intouch with Health, to bring Strata’s “intelligent patient™”resource matching technology, together with Intouch’s industry leading patient-facing registration and triage solutions. This will allow patients to be optimally streamed to the care they really need…often avoiding A&E interventions completely.”

Mike Sanders, CEO Intouch with Health continues,” It’s really a big win for all stakeholders. By using our patient friendly kiosk technology on arrival at A&E, patients can now be matched by Strata Health functionality in real time to more appropriate care options unless actual emergency A&E care is required. This will ensure that A&E resources remain available for those patients really needing acute interventions. Patients will achieve better and faster more appropriate care versus long waits in crowded A&E environments.”

The partnership will launch ahead of 2018 English winter pressures in support of NHS England acute trusts; but will be expanded as a component of both firms’ worldwide acute avoidance practices in 2019.

About Strata Health Solutions

Since 2001, Strata Health has been developing and delivering custom software for health and social services which has helped over 1.5 million patients worldwide get the care they need faster. Strata Health’s proprietary solutions are used by State, Provincial and regional health networks across Canada, the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand with such clients as Alberta Health Services, Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network and NHS Medway. As a result, health providers are seeing dramatic long-term benefits in operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Strata Health is a privately held company with a head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and satellite offices supporting their international operations.

About Intouch With Health

Intouch with Health was established in 1999 and specialises in delivering IT-based clinically supportive patient flow management solutions. Hospitals and private healthcare providers in the UK and internationally, increase organisational efficiency, enhance patient clinically safety and deliver an improved patient experience. Intouch, the leading provider of these solutions in this area, manages over 20 million outpatient appointments and over 1 million walk-in appointments per annum. Intouch with Health is a privately held company with a head office in Cirencester UK and satellite offices across the UK together with an active distribution channel in Australia.



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