CALGARY, AB & KINGSTON, ON: Strata Health, a Canadian based global leader in web based intelligent eReferral and Resource Matching technology and Novari Health, the Canadian makers of a complementary surgical wait times, wait list management and remote booking system, today announced an alliance to collaboratively bring the combined benefits of these two proven best of breed systems to Canadian healthcare providers and patients.

Improving access and reducing wait times for patients by increasing efficiencies and using real-time business intelligence to drive daily and strategic decisions in the healthcare system are priorities for healthcare providers, managers and governments the world over.

Using modern technology, both Strata Health and Novari have designed complementary web based software systems that, when combined, can greatly improve the flow of patients as they move across the continuum of care. When deployed together, the Strata Pathways™ suite of solutions and Novari’s Access to Surgical Care system can facilitate the efficient referral of patients from family physicians to specialists, specialists to hospitals for treatment and from hospitals to a variety of downstream community alternative level of care (ALC) services. The integration of these two Canadian systems presents healthcare leadership with the ability to deploy an integrated eReferral and resource matching solution that covers the complete continuum of care for the first time.

Tens of thousands of referrals or “request for services” are made each day in Canada. The Strata Health and Novari systems replace inefficient paper based and telephone requests and bookings by using intelligent web based technology. The combined solutions match patients to the most appropriate and available care options specific to clinical needs and choice, ultimately sending referrals and bookings electronically and tracking patients as they move through the healthcare system. Customers of the systems have experienced improved care, reduced cost and lessened wait times translating to a better patient experience.


“Partnering within the HIS industry is meaningful only when the result of that partnership delivers new and truly synergistic benefits for our clients. In this case, Novari’s deep seated understanding and functionality around surgical scheduling and wait times synchronized perfectly with Strata Health’s core Resource matching and eReferral vision. As well, Novari was prepared to invest in the integration upfront with Strata so that clients and their front line clinicians will leverage benefits immediately.” Don G. Schick, Strata Health CEO.

“The benefits of combining our two systems to offer Canadian clients an integrated and comprehensive eReferral, hospital booking and wait times system are so significant that at the request of clients our two companies worked collaboratively to structure this alliance. It was made easier by the fact that both Strata Health and Novari share a similar culture and vision with regard to how healthcare leadership can use modern technology to improve the healthcare system for providers, administrators and most importantly, patients.” Dr. John Marshall, Novari CEO.

About Strata Health:

Based in Calgary Alberta, Strata Health and its award-winning solutions are deployed across health systems in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and the United Kingdom. Strata PathWays™ utilizes proprietary resource matching and eReferral (RM&R) technology which intelligently matches patient need and choice with the appropriate care option, triggers the eReferral, and then tracks referral progress. Strata PathWays™ is utilized by primary care and specialist physicians, acute hospitals and community care streams including mental Health & addictions, residential care, home care, palliative, rehabilitation and an array of allied community services.

About Novari Health:

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Novari Health develops systems of a complementary surgical wait times, wait list management and remote booking tools for health jurisdictions. The Novari Access to Care system is helping to reduce surgical wait times at leading hospitals and health regions in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. The Novari system integrates the specialist offices with the Operating Room and other hospital based care venues while providing real time accurate wait time information to the various provincial wait time systems.

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