The Calgary Health Authority has expanded its utilization of the web-based patient flow tool – Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ to include the management of clients to its growing Palliative bed program.

Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ was developed from an innovative partnership between Calgary Health and Strata Health Solutions to improve patient flow in 2001. It has evolved from an academic concept originally proposed by Calgary’s Dr. Chris Eagle and designed to speed long term care placements post acute discharge to a multi-faceted integrated solution which is successfully optimizing not only Calgary Health’s long term care residential beds, but also other expanding Community streams including Assisted Living, Rehab & Recovery, Personal Care Homes, and now the important Palliative portfolio.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to continually innovate with our Calgary Health partners,” stated Don Schick, Strata Health’s CEO. “Our long term relationship with Calgary Health has allowed true advancements to occur around Community patient flow with profound benefits for both patients and the front line clinician. This latest expansion of Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™utilization is a logical extension of this commitment.”

In Alberta, Calgary Health and Edmonton’s Capital Health have chosen Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ to automate the transition of clients from the Community and Acute environments to various Supported Living Community environments. This has delivered strong Community Care collaboration between these integrated health jurisdictions – to the clear benefit of all Albertans.

The project goals established for Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ in Alberta include:

  1. Delivery of a terrific client and family experience during transitions to the expanding Supported Living options with a focus on patient safety and improved outcomes for all stake holders.
  2. Positive flow of clients from the point of acute discharge to the ideal Community option with the goal of achieving improved acute access and optimalcare environments for clients post acute episodes.
  3. Real-time reporting and expanded analysis to support daily decision management by clinicians and strategic planning for Calgary Health and its Provider partners.

“The need is simple but so critically important – ensure the right Client is in the exact right Community Care environment at as close to the ideal Time as possible, while allowing hospital beds to be freed up for the truly acute patient.” adds Schick. “Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ allows us to work with clients to consistently drive towards that paradigm.”

Download the pdf.

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