The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) Scotland’s Intermediate Care Special Interest Group brought together a range of guest presenters from across the UK, along with 98 webinar attendees from 24 countries, to explore digitally enabled care pathways.

In the webinar, the Strata Health UK team presented how Strata Health helps to create efficient, digitally enabled care pathways through software solutions. Kathleen McGuire, Clinical Director Health & Transformation, Scotland, Ireland & Wales, set the scene by describing the innovation that is seen in patient flow with the use of Strata Health’s solutions. Charlotte Hamer, Service Manager, Fylde Coast, Blackpool, then detailed how Strata Health’s tools support information sharing, help reduce length of stay, improve utilisation of community services and increase the focus on “home first.” Dr. William Lumb Clinical Director Integrated Community Services, Morecambe Bay, presented how Strata Health has assisted in their integrated care partnership working. He was followed by Sonia Borthwick Clinical Services Manager, NHS Borders, and Philip Lunt, General Manager Transformation Strategic Planning Lead, NHS Borders, who showed the potential of the end-to-end automation of a discharge referral pathway for patients requiring a placement in a care home or a homecare package. Finally, Professor Martin J Vernon, Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director Integration, Tameside Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, closed out the session by presenting the use of the digital hub and app to show how it supports health protection and effective care in care homes. Key Take-Aways from the Session:
  • Having a single point of contact for discharge planning enables clear coordination of downstream resources and enables ALL possible care options to be presented to clinicians including available capacity.
  • The single handover of information optimises efficiencies whilst also reducing the variability of information as often seen in paper based or email and print systems across health and care.
  • Single point of discharge is enabling social care and NHS colleagues to work in partnership to streamline referral management processes, reduce delays associated with multiple handovers and support a more efficient service for patients.
How Strata Health Helps:
  • Matching the right patient to right resource at right time,
  • Improving patient choice and engagement through decision support,
  • Algorithms automated to match patients to correct services,
  • Enabling transitions via e-referral and e-consultation,
  • Improving communication through notifications, alerts and e-consults,
  • Assisting with waiting list management through prioritisation, demand, capacity and vacancy management, and
  • Improved analysis and dashboard with real time BI.
If you’d like to hear the complete session yourself, you will find the webinar recording here and presentation slides here. About the International Foundation for Integrated Care: The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) is a not for profit network that brings people together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice. Thank you to IFIC Scotland for including Strata Health UK in this webinar series.

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