Strata Health Solutions Launches New Brand Identity

Calgary, Alberta – Sept 18, 2006 – Strata Health Solutions Inc. has launched a new brand identity to better convey the strong, trusting relationships it enjoys with its clients – the world’s devoted front line caregivers – and other stakeholders.

Says Strata Health Founder and CEO Don Schick:  “At Strata Health, we know that our clients put patient welfare above all else.  So we’re very honoured to know, in response to a recent survey independently conducted by Instinct Brand Equity Coaches of Toronto, Ontario, that clients regard us as truly delivering on the promise of improving patient lives through optimized patient flow.”

Interviews were conducted internationally with clients, vendors and potential clients by Instinct Managing Partner Ted Matthews.  Said Matthews:  “In my 20 years of conducting brand surveys for corporations large and small, I have never encountered such a consistent sense of respect for – and trust in – a supplier.  It was frankly remarkable.  Strata Health appears to have very effectively communicated, and delivered upon, their passion for client service and commitment to doing the job right.”

In response to the typically manual, complex and unintegrated patient flow systems that compromise patient care and place a tremendous burden on front line caregivers, Strata Health has developed a suite of online, real-time access optimization products in use by Health Regions serving over 4 million Canadians.

Strata Resource Matching and E-Referral™ significantly reduces the time patients must remain in acute care beds after they have been assessed for release into alternative supported living streams.
Strata HomeFirst™  efficiently matches clients in need of complex home care to achieve acute discharge with optimal community support plans.
Strata PublicHealth™ – the newest commercial offering – delivers real-time tracking and management of public health initiatives – while generating robust analysis of program outcomes.
Strata Latitudes™ (now in R&D with Vancouver Island Health and the BC MOH) will effectively connect mental health and addictions clients with support resources which are currently highly fragmented across the Community.

At a Corporate Retreat facilitated by Ted Matthews, Strata Health staff used survey feedback as a foundation to articulate the Values that formed the basis of its close client relationships:

Strata Health Values:   

  • We have intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others.
  • We have empathy for those who need care.
  • We are dependable and accountable.
  • We are passionate, dedicated and sincere.
  • We conduct business with integrity.
  • We value innovation, passion and teamwork.

The company also decided that the most concise, memorable way to communicate its unique, trusting relationship with clients is with the positioning statement Entrusted, to appear with all uses of the new Strata Health logo.

Schick looks back:  “Creating our new brand positioning of ‘Entrusted’ has been a fascinating 10-month project.  The end result, in my eyes, is a great salute to our staff and customers.  As our firm continues to grow,  Entrusted will be our daily touchstone; a core inspiration as we get up each morning to serve our clients.”

A broadly-based international brand awareness campaign will launch on October 2nd – reaching out to partners, potential clients, vendors and industry organizations.

About Strata Health Solutions Inc:

Strata Health leverages technology to dramatically improve patient flow within health systems.  Our clients say they’ve entrusted us with the job of achieving real and dramatic benefits for patients, patients’ families and the world’s devoted front line caregivers.  Operational in Canada, the UK and Australia, Strata Health is a privately-held Canadian corporation.  It is comprised of professionals with empathy for those who need care and intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others.

For more information, contact: Don Schick, President and CEO, Strata Health Solutions Inc. Tel. 604-657-3900, 

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